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Twizzle - Soda Fountain
Self Released, CD, 1999
Comfort Stand, CSR-002 MP3, 2003
Happi Tyme, HTR-2002 MP3, 2007

1. Falling
2. Black Elk Mountain
3. This Is No Chanson
4. Barefoot Girl/Pebble Road
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In an abandoned seaside town the women of the bordello wander out. Their punch-stained lips whistle whiskeyed melodies. Their limp boas leave a trail of old perfume.

A cowboy, hidden in the shadow of his ten-gallon, sips sassafras soda, for which he has traveled a great mile. You make your way from the old hotel set back on the dunes, stopping first for a continental breakfast in the chandeliered ballroom.

Hop on a sepia carousel. Bathe in the icy shore. Or just stroll along the crumbling boardwalk while echoes of Twizzle fill the summer air...