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The Bran Flakes - I Remember When I Break Down
Self Released, Cassette, 1996
Comfort Stand, CSR-002 MP3, 2004
Happi Tyme, HTR-2001 MP3, 2007

1. Side A
Call Me Patches / Feeling Merry / Mutual Admiration And Love / Think Big (Debbie Gibson & Dr. Ruth) / Let It Be A Nightmare / (I give myself) That Girl / Homicidal UFO / Flight Of The Hindenburg / Magically Inside Of Me / Calling BOB / Blow your brains out / Step By Step (featuring Charles Grodin) / The "I Killed Henry" Outro

2. Side B
I Had A Hamburger Dream / Welcome To The Human Race / Subliminal Solace / The Intoxicating Reverberasia Lot / Face Another Day (2148) / Hollerin' Linguistics / Throw It Away And Do Be Careful / Put A Hump In Your Back / Tender Sweet Young Thing / I'm Angry (And I'm Mister Rogers)

Cover Artwork: Slimline

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This tape was completed during two weeks in September 1996. One or two tracks a night were finished in the order they appear on the release. The first being "Call Me Patches" and the last the Mister Rogers piece.

Earlier that year in 1996 we sold our Tascam 644 4-Track and Roland S-10 Sampler (both were literally falling apart and would cost more to fix then buy new gear). With little to work with at the time and no funds to buy new gear we borrowed a Roland MS-1 Phrase sampler from a friend for two weeks and recorded this cassette to give to a few friends. The tape was never intended to be an actual Bran Flakes release until 1998 when the Ovenguard Music label wanted to put it out and it was packaged with a majority of the songs from the original cassette and a few older numbers from our 1994 release "Value Vs. Dosage". The tracks not on the CDR (and now featured here) were "Feeling Merry," "Let It Be A Nightmare," "Calling BOB," "I Had A Hamburger Dream," "Tender Sweet Young Thing" and the closing sample bits at the end of each side. The CD roughly went out of print in 2001.

The cassette was recorded in Stead, Nevada, outside of Reno where we were living for a short time. Living on broke ends and with ample free time we used what we had around to make the cassette... turntable, 2 cassette decks, discman, VCR, radio shack mixer and the Roland MS-1 Phrase Sampler. All the sounds were sampled in on 8 touch pads on the Roland and while playing the song live by hitting the pads the output was sent to a cassette deck. Holding down the pads would repeat the loops which was nice and loop points were set before hitting record on the tape deck. Then the process was repeated by clearing out the Roland memory and loading up new sounds and playing them over the previously recorded cassette to a new tape in another deck. This was repeated to achieve the desired effect and/or the finished song. Normally each track had 1 to 6 overdubs. While playing the Roland Live we would load up sound effects CDs in the discman or a video tape in the VCR or a record on the turntable and pipe them live through the board for added effects.

This release has no clean up, eq, hiss removal, fades, etc... just two tracks for side A and side B. And a copy of the cassette cover to print out and dub on your own cassette tape. Hope you like.